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Our Equipment 

In the beginning LSURR started with two suitcases of dive gear and a members station wagon to respond to calls with. Through state, local, and private contributions today's LSURR has been able to invest in equipment that allows us to provide better services to our community and also the safest work environment in a most dangerous job.


Name: Behemoth
Manufacturer: SeaArk
Type: Aluminum John Boat
Length: 22 ft
Propulsion: Suzuki 2 stroke 115 horse power


Name: Big Jack
Manufacturer: Alumaweld
Type: Aluminum John Boat
Length: 20 ft
Propulsion: Mercury 4 stroke 115 horse power


Name: Achilles
Manufacturer: Zodiac
Type: Inflatable
Length: 14 ft
Propulsion: Mercury 4 stroke 40 horse power

Bill and Corey Zodiac

Ground Transports

Name: Squad 
Manufacturer: Chevrolet 
Type: Box Truck 
Year: 1994 
Role: Personnel Transport, Diver Deployment, and Command Center


Name: Van 
Manufacturer: Ford 
Type: Passenger Van 
Year: 1996 
Engine: V8 
Role: Personnel Transport and Sonar Team Deployment


Dive Equipment

Name: Interspiro 
Manufacturer: OTS (Ocean Technology Systems)
Type: Full Face Mask AGA
Details: Provides divers the ability to communicate with the surface during operations via a hard-line intercom.

Funded By: Truman Heartland Foundation

Underwater Coms.png

Name: SAR Catalyst & SAR  Kodiak Drysuits
Manufacturer: Aqua Lung formerly Whites
Type: Drysuit 

SAR Kodiak Drysuit.png

Sonar Equipment

Name: Sportscan 
Manufacturer: Imagenex
Type: Side Scan 
Details: Side Scan Sonar is towed behind or along side of a boat producing images of objects found at the bottom of ponds, lakes or rivers that could pose as threats or potential targets for divers as well as reduce the area needing to be searched.


Name: MS-1000
Manufacturer: Kongsberg
Type: Sector Scan
Details: The MS-1000 sonar is lowered to the bottom of a lake, pond, or river to produce a birds-eye, high resolution view of the bottom.

 MS-1000 Kongsberg.jpg

​Ice Rescue Equipment

Name: I595 Ice Rescue Suit
Manufacturer: Sterns
Type: Closed-cell neoprene suit
Details: Provides rescuers with a sealed ultra buoyant suit that keeps the rescuer warm and on the surface.