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Charles David Hartman 

On May 1st 1983, Lee's Summit Police Officer David Hartman responded to the Little Blue River in Northern Lee's Summit. Heavy rains had caused flash flooding in the area and there were canoeists​ trapped in the swollen Little Blue River.

As member of Lee's Summit Underwater Recovery,  David did not hesitate to respond to the incident. Upon preparing himself and his gear David entered the river to rescue the stranded citizens. As he was swimming out to rescue the stranded citizens David was struck by a log moving down the heavy river current at approximately 30 mph.

David lost consciousness and went under water. Other rescue divers pulled David from the river and transported him to the hospital. Unfortunately David did not survive the incident.

David's sacrifice and dedication to duty and to the citizens of Lee's Summit and Jackson County Missouri will not be forgotten. Dave is remembered in many ways. LSUR headquarters  is named in honor of David.  The city of Lee's Summit has dedicated a park in his name , and every year he and other police officers who have fallen in the line of duty are honored during the national police memorial service. David's picture is also emblazoned on a monument that rests at the entrance to the Lee's Summit Police Department. On the monument is a most fitting tribute to David, or any hero. It reads: "Who gave his life for his fellow man."​


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