Dec 19
Thin Ice Warning
​Kansas City, MO --- With the colder temperatures we received and the warmer temperatures on the way, Lee’s Summit Underwater Recovery, Inc. is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of all Kansas City Metro persons who may live near retention ponds or have farm ponds / lakes near their location.
LSUR offers the following safety tips for those living near ponds and lakes:
 No ice is safe ice.
 Ice less than 4” is unsafe.
 Waterfowl and fish can keep water moving and allow for thawing or holes in the ice.
 Ice seldom freezes uniformly.
 Educate children and teens of the dangers of ice.
 If ice can’t hold a 20lb. dog it won’t hold the weight of anyone heavier.
 Snow can insulate ice causing the freezing process to slow.
 Text or Call 911 immediately

Lee’s Summit Underwater reminds residents of the Kansas City metro if you see someone or an animal fall through the ice call 911 immediately. Persons submerged in icy waters will need medical attention. Do not attempt a rescue yourself let the professionals who have been trained and have the proper equipment to do so.

To schedule an ice safety presentation for your school, youth, scout event please contact LSUR at pio@lsunderwater.org.

https://www.facebook.com/LSURR/ If you have any questions, please contact Lee’s Summit Underwater Recovery PIO Jennifer Feller at (816) 810-6209.

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Feb 21
Sunday February 21 Team Training - Boat Operations

Bright sunny day and what started off as a 34* day turned rather quickly into a balmy 47* before we finished. 





Feb 20
LSUR 50 year Reunion - April 30, 2016

Calling all alumini, current members and community supporters.  LSUR has been an integeral part of the KC Metro community for 50 years.  With over 300 members since inception, we have served our community faithfully throughout those years.  

Being on call 24/7 means lots of early morning pager calls at 1 or 2 am sometimes lasting well into the late morning hours.  ​Compensation for these valiant men and women serving on LSUR is tremendous-often times free t-shirts, pat on the back, annual award ceremony for Diver, Rookie, Support.

Join the current LSUR team members as we honor those who bravely donned their own wetsuits and dive gear in the early years of the teams organization as well as those who have served the past 50 years.


Feb 20
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